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One of the great benefits of our Moose Lodge is being able to spend time at our many events like the corn roast or new member dinner.

That's what your membership is all about, spending quality time with family and friends. Have you asked a friend or neighbor to join you for a meal or drink and explain what our Lodge is all about?

The wonderful kids at Mooseheart and the great seniors at Moosehaven are a great place to start. The Lodge is yours and we would like to see your name on the member recruited list. You'll even earn a prize along with our appreciation.

Your help in making us grow is needed!

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Fraternal Membership Organization

Members and their invited guests are a large part of our success. We are proud to provide funds as well as man hours for community service to our local community as well as our senior home. Moosehaven in Florida and our "Child City" Mooseheart in Chicago, Illinois. We are all volunteers at Sheboygan Lodge No. 438  from the dinners to the social quarters.


Moose International

An organization of 1.5 million men and women in four nations dedicated to improving the lives of children and elderly in need, to helping make our local and international communities better places in which to live and raise families and to providing wholesome family recreation at a modest cost.

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